Women’s Rotary Club of Kumbakonam invited Gayathri Hariprakash to give a presentation on working women safety yesterday on 8th Dec 2021 at Konagarnadu Nursing College Kumbakonam.


I am immensely happy to give a talk about how to use mobile technology for working women’s safety using BeWitness Mobile App. I am thankful to Rotary Club Women’s President Rtn. Smt. Bhooma Sowmiyanarayanan, Principal Rtn. Smt. Mythili Muthuvel Konagarnadu Nursing College Kumbakonam and office-bearers of women Rotary Club, Kumbakonam to address the Nursing students. I talked about the need for SOS on their phone and how to use it during the critical situation of personal safety. The necessity of reporting any abuse in a working environment for self or others at the earliest. The importance of Public Safety as a good citizen can save lives and reduce crime in society. Invited all nursing students who have already dedicated their life for service to humanity to join the hands for BeWitness Mission.

Gayathri Hariprakash
Founder of BeWitness