Rotary Club of Kumbakonam, invited the Founder and CEO of BeWitness, Ms. Gayathri Hariprakash as Chief Guest on this National Girl Child Day – 24th November 2023, to create safety awareness among girls.

Ms. Gayathri Hariprakash,  in her mission to do everything possible to ensure women’s safety and empowerment, Ms. Gayathri gave a talk on “Making women aware of their rights, Raising Voice against Violence” which are essential to live a Healthy and Peaceful Life in this World. The whole session was interactive and about 50+ college girls attended the event.

  1. The Programme started with the quote
    “Be Strong enough to Stand Alone, Smart enough to Know when you need Help and Brave enough to Ask for it”
  2. Focussed on Educating various types of Abuse and How to Protect Oneself, How to handle Unsafe Situations, What are the Precautions one can take to Live Safely in this Modern World.
  3. What to do when one is affected by Abuse? Emphasized the importance of being Bold enough to Raise Voice against Violence.
  4. How to Protect oneself from Online Abuse?
  5. Child Helpline Number (1098), Women Helpline Number (1091), and various laws available for crimes against children and women were mentioned.
  6. Participants took a Safety Pledge.
  7. National Girl Child Day Programme concluded with the quote “Be the Heroine of your life, not the Victim”